Intuitively different, a vision into whole body wellness...

I'm a yoga teacher and intuitive guide. Healing Gracefully is my wellness platform dream. I offer a combination of healing modalities including yoga, intuition and oils to guide individuals toward a deep understanding of self.

vision and philosophy

Yoga. Integrate the mind, the body and the spirit.


Intuition is our deep internal sense of knowing beyond rational thought.


oils and aromatherapy to awaken and nurture. 


Celebrating connection is extremely important for our well being. 


the right combination of food as medicine, Devotional practice, and essential oils have changed my life.

Download my                              guide to the learn 3 essential oil Blends along with the food and body rituals that complete their healing power. 

"whole body mantra" 

"Practicing with Emily is a true delight."

She teaches with care, playfulness, and ingenuity.
I can't recommend Emily enough.

Happy client, Madison wi

"I'm amazed"

by Emily's intuition, talent and genuine care for everyone around her.

Happy client, Okland Ca

"Emily helped me trust my own strength"

and lean into changes that were happening in my life through my career, relationships and goals.

Happy client, MAdison wi

"Emily's energy is truly amazing"

she has been an integral part of my yogic path. Her practice and dedication is an inspiration. She is an incredible listener and teacher who will deepen your practice either in a group class or a personal session. 

Happy client, Brookfield wi

"I'm honestly not sure that I would've taken the leap"

into the uncertainty of a new career without the insight from Emily's reading.

Happy client, madison wi

"I'm very cautious about who I seek out"

 for clarity and guidance on issues that I can't seem to access or see clearly myself. Emily is above and beyond one of the most tuned in healers I've ever encountered. Her gift is channeling the clarity of your own inner voice and that of your guides, seeing directly into your truth during moments of obscurity, and delivering it with utmost care, grace and resounding precision. I recommend Emily to everyone I know and love, in hard times and in good. She's a direct line to your spirit and guides whenever you feel you need it most."

Happy client, Berkley Ca